Summer Fridays Just Got In On Belly-Care With a Brand New Launch

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Summer Fridays
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As I write this, I’m 4.5 months pregnant. And it was so kind of one of my favorite skincare brands to launch a belly balm in my honor (JK). Actually, what it was was convenient: Lauren Gores Ireland, one of the co-founders of Summer Fridays, is also expecting, and has been dreaming up this formula since she was pregnant with her first child. Basically, I just have good timing.

Although I'm into skincare big-time and definitely hopped on the body-care train, rarely did I ever look at my stomach pre-pregnancy and think, “what do you need, girl?” All that changed the second my bump started to appear this winter and the words “itchy skin! stretch marks!” played in my head on repeat. While my bump is present, she's still shy, so it's not a major concern just yet, but I am thinking about her fate in terms of how I believe most skincare should be approached: Prevention vs. treatment.

So instead of waiting until my first tiger stripe appeared (I’m not afraid of them—but I am expecting them, and I do want to help my skin adapt in every way that I can), I went ahead and got my hands on the Summer Fridays Babymoon Belly Balm and slathered away.

I first squirted about a pea-sized amount onto my fingers and tried to rub that in, but really it wasn’t enough. So I upped the amount of product to that of a Sour Patch Kid and that felt more spreadable. The consistency is truly balmy—it is not an oil or a lotion at all. In fact, the brand touts this formula as being 100 percent water-free. I likened it to Glossier Balm Dotcom, if you’ve ever tried that, and after figuring out the perfect dosage, I found that I loved the texture quite a lot.

At first I didn’t think the Babymoon Belly Balm had a smell at all, but when I sniffed closely, I did notice a light, natural scent (side note: I wear a lot of other heavily scented lotions, so this is a huge plus for me as it doesn't compete. If anything, the smell is calming). That would be the calendula, one of the star ingredients. The other major players are all pregnancy safe, like nourishing sunflower and avocado oils. It's also completely vegan, cruelty-free, paraben- and oil-free. Now, as someone who practically bathes in oils (my skin is dry and I live at elevation), I thought I might miss it. Nope! The balm is good. After putting it on after a shower one evening only to wake up several hours later in a lovely state of insomnia, I instinctively touched my stomach and noticed how smooth and soft it was. Oil, who? That was the moment when I officially became excited to start using it in my regular routine, somewhere between forgetting to take my prenantal and falling asleep too early after eating Fruity Pebbles.

While Summer Fridays considers it their "secret weapon against stretch marks," they do note that you can rub it in anywhere extra moisture and comfort is needed. So really, its use goes well beyond pregnancy and can be enjoyed by anyone whose skin needs some gentle love.

Right now, Babymoon is available for pre-order with an expected ship date of December 31. But we suggest you waste no time, because considering how quickly their other products have sold out, we don't expect this one to stay in stock for long.

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