The One Step That’s Crucial If You Have Straight Lashes

If your lashes naturally lie flat, don't take well to most mascaras and are stubborn as all heck, you have come to the right place. After many years of trial and error, we've finally cracked the code on how to curl our stick-straight eyelashes so they stay lifted through the day. Note: Certain things like the right mascara (usually waterproof ones) and a curler are also crucial, but there is one trick—or step, rather—that really gets the job done. 

First things first: How do you typically curl your lashes? We're guessing that you probably clamp down your curler once or twice at the lash line and reach for your mascara, right? For straight lashes, there is a little more time involved.

Allow us to walk you through. Start by holding the curler at the base of your lashes and pressing down (gently) for three to five seconds. Repeat this step, moving your way up the lash until you reach the tip. Now, apply your mascara as you normally would (we recommend wiggling your wand through to ensure an even distribution). And lastly—here's the most important step—grab your curler again and gently give your lashes a squeeze at the base, middle and tip for five seconds each to really lift and extend their shape.

But isn't it bad to curl your lashes after you put on mascara? The reason why we're told to always curl our lashes before applying mascara is because when our lashes are freshly coated, they can easily get stuck to the curler and break—or worse—get pulled out. (Terrifying, we know.) But if you wait a couple minutes for the mascara to dry, then use gentle (and we do mean gentle) pulses, it can actually help set your lashes in that curved shape.

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