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What do we all want from an eye shadow? We want something that’s easy to use, looks good on our lids and won’t smudge, crease or fade as it wears. Is that a tall order? Maybe, but I promise you, it exists. In fact, it exists in Shu Uemura’s eye foils.

First off, kudos to the person who named this product because it’s pretty accurate. You know how aluminum foil feels sturdier and more malleable than Saran Wrap? You could say the same for eye foils (versus eye shadow).

This liquid shadow comes in a slim tube that resembles lip gloss. It even has a flocked doe-foot applicator that you use to spread the color—which is very smooth and shiny—onto your lids.

One swipe lays down an impressive amount of pigment, but you can easily sheer it out using your fingertip. (We promise they’re not as disco-tastic as they look.) Just make sure to blend it quickly because once it sets (which I timed to be at about a minute), it will not move. That is, until you swipe on makeup remover.

The eight metallic shades range from a pale champagne to a dark bronze, but I’ve taken to a soft rose gold that I use all over my lids and even on my cheekbones as a highlighter.

Eye foils are a revelation, guys. They’re so easy to use. (Impossible to mess up, in fact.) They do exactly what they say they will. And though I’m personally not one to wear makeup to the gym or pool, I can confidently say that these babies will stand up to either situation.

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