Now’s Your Chance to Raid PureWow’s Beauty Stash

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As easy as it is to get anything (literally, anything) on the internet, there's something about the experience of picking up a new candle that you got to sniff in person or nabbing a new dress you spotted in a window that's undeniably special.

And lucky you: We're curating our very own Modern Essentials shop at SHOWFIELDS, where the best online-only brands come together in a highly browsable space that's all about the thrill of discovery IRL.

What's included in our shop, you ask? Take a gander:

• Peace Out Acne Healing Dots (stick one on and watch a breakout disappear overnight)
• Dr. Loretta Intense Replenishing Serum (an antioxidant-packed hydrator that doubles as a primer)
• APTO Healing Mask with Turmeric (a powerful soother that removes dead skin cells and combats redness) 
• Esker Restorative Body Oil (leaves you glowing, not greasy) 
sundays nontoxic nail polishes (in a selection of neutral shades that go with everything) 
• Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo (hello, volume)
• Naturelab. Tokyo Shine Oil Mist (it'll leave your strands feeling like silk)

PureWow's shop is located at SHOWFIELDS on 11 Bond Street in Noho. Come say hi—we'll be there until July 8.

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