6 Easy Hairstyles for Second-Day Hair

OMG you wash your hair every day? Impressive. The rest of us, we’re trying to milk as much as we can out of these locks. But come day two or three, we have to get a little creative. Enter: these six super-easy second-day hair up-dos. They were designed to conceal less-than-clean strands, so you can go longer in between washes—without OD-ing on dry shampoo.

1. Messy Bun

Day two of dry shampoo? None will be the wiser.

2. Classic Crown Braid

Meghan Markle has nothing on you.

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3. Edgy Fishtail Ponytail

Party in the front…and in the back.

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4. Fro-hawk

Grab four hair elastics and you’re ready to rock.

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5. Flower Bun

Your locks will look fresh as a daisy (even if they're anything but).

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6. Head Wrap

Need all the help you can get? This should do it.

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