Seaglass Nails Are the New Jelly Nails (And They’re Easy to Try at Home)

Guys: If you regularly keep up with our site, you’ll know that we are always on the lookout for the latest nail trend. From glass nails to wabi sabi manis to last summer’s jelly nail, there’s always something new we’re excited to try—and this winter, we are all about seaglass nails. 

What are seaglass nails? You can think of them as the cool older sister of the jelly nail. The key difference between the two is the finish—which is matte, never shiny. And though you could absolutely rock a matte top coat over any color, it’s most effective when paired with a shade of green or blue. (Hence, the name.)

As nail artist (and creator of the look) Jessica Washick explained to our friends at Refinery29: "I was reminiscing about how fun the jelly-nail craze was and I wondered how that aesthetic could translate into the colder months, and the vision of opaque seaglass came to mind." 

How can I do this at home? Mix a few drops of your nail polish with a clear top coat to sheer out the color before painting the blend over your nails. Let it dry for a few minutes before applying another layer of top coat over it, followed by the final step: a matte top coat. According to Washick, “the two top coats layered over the jelly base diffuses the color, picks up the white undertones, and makes the finish extra frosty."

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