Breaking News: This Chocolate Might Give You Better Skin

You might have already heard that eating chocolate can make you smarter and feel more relaxed. Well, now it might make you look younger, too. But before you go to town on a bag of Kit Kats, note that it’s a special kind of chocolate that has these purported benefits.

OK, what is this mythical chocolate you speak of? For starters, it’s much healthier than your average bar. Made with organic, raw fair-trade cacao nibs and sweetened with coconut sugar (which is lower on the glycemic index than white sugar), Sakara Life’s version is like the Gwyneth Paltrow of chocolates. Add plant ceramides that are supposed to help skin retain moisture and boost collagen production and, well, is it even considered candy anymore?

Wait, what the heck are ceramides? Ceramides are the natural lipids, or fats, found in the top layer of your skin that are responsible for holding cells together and keeping moisture in. Natural ceramides are lost every day through washing your face, environmental factors and aging—which is where the chocolates come in handy. Presumably, by ingesting more ceramides (via the magical chocolates), your skin is replenished from the inside out. 

Bottom line: After trying it for ten days, we can’t speak to its skin-plumping effects yet. But we have noticed that we’re glowing a bit more recently…but maybe we’re just happy to have a great reason to eat chocolate.

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