I’m a Beauty Editor & I’ve Tried A Million Lipsticks—This Is My Favorite Right Now

Over the near-decade that I’ve been a beauty editor, I have tested too many lipsticks to count. Most are middling at best—chalky, sticky, drying—so whenever I come across one that passes my wear test—which basically boils down to “does it look and feel good after a couple of hours of sipping and snacking”—I feel a civic duty to share it with people.

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R.E.M Beauty

R.E.M Beauty’s On Your Collar Classic Lipstick passed my test with flying colors, which is the first thing you’ll notice when swiping this highly pigmented lipstick on. No, seriously, it’s the kind of pigment that actually lives up to those “one swipe” claims that are often touted by brands.

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R.E.M Beauty

The lipstick has a slender tip that’s thoughtfully designed for a precise application, which is what you need with a saturated formula like this one. I found the slimmer bullet made it relatively easy to fill in my lips without straying outside the lines.

Now, onto the texture. The brand describes it as “irresistibly rich and classically creamy,” which is a tad flowery but accurate. I would also add that it feels satiny when you first put it on, but it quickly dries down to a plush, slightly powdery finish.

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Jenny Jin for PureWow

Herein lies the one drawback of the lipstick (which may not even be a drawback, depending on your priorities): Though it dries down fairly quickly (within a minute or so), it gets everywhere while it’s still drying. As a habitual mouth toucher/coffee drinker, I wanted to warn you, so you don’t end up with lipstick on your face and around the perimeter of your mug like I did. After the initial application, just give it a full minute to set and blot off any excess product off with a tissue.

Once it sets, you’re golden. That bold statement lip you start off with in the morning will gradually fade into a softer stain over the course of the day, and truthfully, I think that’s when it looks best. It’s that French girl, lived-in look.

Another thing I appreciate about the lipstick is that it doesn’t leave my lips looking like a shriveled prune. The formula stays smooth and comfortable for a long while, and when I want to refresh the color, I just add a layer of lip balm over it and get yet another look from the lipstick: a tinted balm.

rem beauty on your collar classic lipstick review 3 swatches
R.E.M Beauty

R.E.M Beauty’s On Your Collar Classic Lipstick is currently available in ten shades from a beige-rose to a reddish-brown, but I’m mostly wearing “attention,” which is a bright blue-red that *pops* against your skin.

TL;DR This lipstick is the one you’d reach for when you want your color to go the extra mile. It’s bold and made to stand out, so wear it when you want to be seen—or blot it down to a subtler stain. Either way, that pigment won't budge for hours.

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