Reef-Safe Sunscreens Are Trending (and Here's Why It's a Good Thing)

Ask any derm worth their salt for their number-one beauty tip and they’ll likely say, “Wear sunscreen.” Not sure which kind to get? You may want to consider whether or not the formula is reef-safe. 

What "reef-safe" means: Earlier this year, our friends in Hawaii passed a bill banning the sale of sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate (two ingredients found in many conventional formulas that are believed to damage coral reefs). A reef-safe formula uses physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect your skin from absorbing UV rays instead of chemical ones. 

Why this is important: Apart from bleaching and killing coral reefs, oxybenzone has also been linked to endocrine disruption. Luckily, there are a ton of effective and safe formulas that are easily accessible (and don’t feel too heavy or sticky on your skin).

Here are some of our favorites: Australian Gold ($14); ThinkSport ($19); Vive Sana ($55)

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