9 Hairstyles Perfect for When You Only Have 5 Minutes

Slept past your alarm? Couldn’t find something to wear? Whatever the reason, we understand that mornings can be chaotic. One thing you don’t have to worry about is your hair. With the right tools and a little strategy, you can transform your bedhead in ten minutes or less.

side swept hairstyle
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Sweep It Over To The Side

Or as we like to say, change your part, change your life. But in all seriousness, parting your hair a different way instantly switches things up, while giving you a boost of volume at the roots.

woman with blonde hair
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Use A Texturizer

Last night before bed, your hair was full and bouncy. This morning, it’s deflated and flat. Breathe life into your tresses with Big Sexy Hair Crème 2 Powder Play, which uses a unique formula to give you up to 100% more volume. Apply it from your roots to your ends for an allover, perfectly undone look in less than two minutes.

half up hairstyle
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Try A Half-up Style

There’s a reason so many celebs have been spotted rocking a half-up ’do recently. It’s a surefire way to disguise greasy roots and it looks downright youthful. (It’s also a handy move for those of us who are growing out a bob.)

top knot hairstyle
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Rock A Topknot

Aka the instant face-lift. All you have to do is smooth down the top and sides and then gather your hair into a bun as high as you can get it.

easy twist hairstyle
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Do The Twist

The worst part about bangs? Growing them out. Gather the front pieces and twist them to the sides so they frame your face. Secure with bobby pins that match your hair color.

bendy hairstyle
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Add Some Bend

Grab your flat iron and use it to add some loose waves to your hair. When you’re pressed for time, concentrate on the front pieces and top layers.

quick headband hairstyle
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Add A Headband

A satiny texture is an easy way to add instant polish, and there’s nothing like a pretty pattern to distract from the fact that you haven’t had time to wash your hair. (It’s especially convenient that hair accessories are majorly trending right now.)

ribbon in ponytail
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Weave In A Ribbon

Don’t worry, it only looks complicated. Just treat the ribbon like another strand and weave it into the rest of your braid.

bubble ponytail
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Try A Bubble Pony

If you never really got the hang of braiding, try segmenting your ponytail with a series of hair ties.

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