3 Essential Products for a Healthy Skin Barrier

You might not see your skin barrier, but it's hard at work keeping your complexion plump, hydrated and wrinkle-free (not to mention defending your face against gross microbes and pollution). So it's important to pad your skin-care routine with items that keep it strong and healthy. Here are three essential products that will do just that.

The One Thing You’re Doing That’s Damaging Your Skin Barrier

renee rouleau skin recovery lotion
Renée Rouleau

A Soothing Moisturizer

The skin barrier is essential for retaining hydration, and a soothing moisturizer acts as extra support. We're fond of Renée Rouleau Skin Recovery Lotion, which was developed for highly sensitive complexions. It features panthenol (to prevent hydration loss), bisabolol (an anti-irritant that's also fun to say) and plant-based hydrators that strengthen the integrity of the skin barrier—but since it's oil-free, it feels weightless on the skin.

biologique recherche lait u
Shop Rescue Spa

A Gentle Cleanser

With makeup, pollution and general atmospheric grime (patent pending), an effective face wash is indispensable. What you don't want is something that will strip your skin of its natural oils. Stay away from anything with sulfates and reach for a creamy, nourishing formula that respects your skin barrier (like Biologique Recherche Lait U).

herbivore emerald oil

A Hardworking Oil

Think of a face oil as the final protective layer for your face. It effectively keeps natural lipids in while warding off outside aggressors (like dry air and harsh wind). Herbivore's Emerald Oil is both calming and nourishing (not to mention vegan and cruelty-free). The combination of hydrating squalane and hemp seed oil will leave your skin with a glowy finish while sealing in that aforementioned moisturizer.


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