The Most Beautiful Woman in the World Swears by *These* Beauty Products (and They're in Your Kitchen)

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When Quantico actress and humanitarian Priyanka Chopra stopped by our studio last week (those lips! that skin! that overall badass confidence!), we had to ask what her secret was. So here's the lowdown on Priyanka's wonderfully straightforward beauty regimen.

What she swears by: Coconut oil, turmeric and yogurt. Yep, that's it.

Why coconut oil: First thing's first—coconut oil is the holy grail of moisturizing oils (not to mention it smells amazing). Priyanka grew up using it as moisturizer for her face and body and as a shine-enhancer for those luscious locks. And she's still using it today. No, really, she doesn't use a regular moisturizer, just coconut oil.

Why turmeric: This miracle ingredient has been the star component of DIY face masks forever, and for good reason. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that calm irritation and even help to banish acne for good. No wonder her skin always looks so clear.

Why yogurt: She's not talking about eating it—she uses it on her skin as the base for those aforementioned DIY face masks. The lactic acid actually prevents wrinkles from forming by dissolving dead skin cells and tightening pores, without any synthetic ingredients.

If it gives us skin like Priyanka’s, we’re raiding our kitchen cabinets tonight. 

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