I Took Hair Vitamin Gummies for Months and Got an Unexpected Bonus Benefit

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Dana Dickey

I started taking two Olly Heavenly Hair gummies every day because my hair’s always been thin. And while I forget to take supplements, I never forget to eat gummy bears when they’re around, so maybe with this this form of sweet chewable vitamins I’d be consistent. After one month, I noticed an odd side-effect: My fingernails were longer, stronger and overall better-looking. Here’s what a trichologist explained to me.

  • Effectiveness:   19/20
  • Value:                 20/20
  • Taste:                 20/20
  • Packaging:        15/20
  • Side Benefits: 19/20

TOTAL: 93/100

Meet the Expert

Helen Reavy is a the co-founder of Act + Acre, the world’s first hair wellness brand that’s cold-processed in order to sustain the potency of its natural ingredients. The line contains remedies for dry and itchy scalp, thinning hair and more. Originally from Ireland, Reavy is a USTI board-certified trichologist and celebrity hair stylist with clients including Harry Styles and Sarah Snook.

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What Are the Effects of Hair Vitamins?

When I asked trichologist Helen Reavy why my nails got healthier, she explained it was a simple case of my nails showing me what was also happening with my hair. “Because you can see them, it’s more obvious on your nails when your hair vitamin is working, even though your hair is growing even faster. Nails grow one-eighth inch a month, whereas hair grows one-quarter to a half-inch a month,” she says. For that kind of growth is going to happen when you take a supplement, she explains, your body has to have the right chemistry to break down the ingredients. For example, you need to have sufficient protein in your diet to break down biotin, one of the key active ingredients in hair vitamins. (And, like all things related to skin and hair, you need to stay well hydrated for it to work.)

What Are the Active Ingredients in Hair Vitamins?

In the supplement I took, Olly Heavenly Hair gummies, the active ingredients of biotin, keratin (a protein related to skin health), silicon (an important trace element for hair strength) and AMLA (aka Indian gooseberry, a plant-derived nutraceutical that studies have linked to reduce oxidative damage in skin) worked on both nails and hair. After three months, when I visited my hair stylist, without my even prompting her she asked if I’d been taking any hair vitamins since my hair looked thicker and my scalp healthier than she’d seen it.

So even though I’m dismal at remembering to take swallowable supplements (Reavy tells me her hair brand, Act + Acre, makes one such supplement that includes ingredients horsetail and bamboo leaf extracts as well as biotin), the little candy-like chews from Olly were something I indulged my sweet tooth in, so it wasn’t difficult to keep taking them. Turns out, the gallons of water I slug daily and my (admittedly imbalanced) diet were enough to metabolize the supplement, so I saw results.

Nine months later, I’m still taking my Olly vitamins and enjoying their citrusy sweet taste (thank you, one gram of sugar in each gummy), as well as their benefit of healthier hair and nails. The product is just about perfect to me, though the happy little click-top container could stand a minimalist luxe branding makeover, since then I could keep it on my bedside to never forget a dose of hair candy.

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Dana Dickey is a PureWow Senior Editor, and during more than a decade in digital media, she has scoped out and tested top products and services across the lifestyle space...