The Next Big Thing in Beauty: The False Eyelashes These 4 TikTokers Are Raving About

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Summer is here and we’re booked and busy. Which means we’re also on the lookout for new ways to make our looks pop (and help us feel even more confident). So when we heard about the rise of at-home false eyelashes, specifically NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Lash!, we knew we needed to investigate. A good pair of affordable false lashes that are easy to apply, better for the natural health of our eyelashes, and that’ll give us the added oomph we need for every big date in our calendar? Sign us up. Here, the four influencer videos that convinced us to scoop up our own pair of vegan false eyelashes from NYX Cosmetics.

The Reviewers:


It’s giving je ne sais quoi. We partnered with NYX Cosmetics to send beauty reviewer Sarah Wolak four sets of NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Lash! to try on for herself. She applied the Defined Drama set on camera and highlighted the 12-hour wear, nearly invisible band that attaches to the lash line, lash flexibility and the ability to rewear the lashes up to 15 times.


Creator Katie Ritchie is a bridesmaid in her BFF’s wedding next month and partnered with us to try out the NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Lash! Glam Accent pair. Her review: Easy to apply, naturally voluminous, and no worries about her mascara smudging when her bestie walks down the aisle.


TikToker Amaya Monét has it right: We are so ready to be outside all summer. And since lash extensions are expensive, false eyelashes from NYX Cosmetics (like this set, called Full Feather Flex) are the only way to go when you need full glam but also want to save some coin (each set is only $12).


Get vacation-ready this summer like beauty influencer Tatyanah, who tried the NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Lash! Major Spikes vegan eyelashes and fell in love. A smart packing hack: Make sure to keep the reusable bag the lashes come in so you can store and rewear over and over.

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