The Nontoxic Nail Polish Remover We Swear By

Hands up if you agree: The worst part of a manicure is taking off old polish. The biggest offender? Polish remover—with stringy cotton balls coming in a close second.

Acetone or not, most conventional removers smell so strongly, they basically burn a third nostril into your face. Not to mention, they leave your hands feeling so darn dry.  

Which is why we’re obsessed with these non-toxic cloths from Tenoverten that smell like literal roses (and make your skin feel so soft). They come in sets of two: one cloth for removing polish and one for cleaning your hands afterward. And in case you were wondering, they are completely biodegradable.

To use them, simply hold the “Polish Remover” cloth over each nail for 10 to 15 seconds before swiping off the color. (Tip: You're going to want to apply a bit of pressure since there's no acetone to melt the polish off.) Then, give your hands a final wipe down with the enclosed "Finishing Cleanser" cloth to clean off any residual remover and further moisturize your cuticles.

Each wipe comes loaded with essential oils and aloe extract to hydrate your tips (and mitts). Plus, they come pre-packaged, so you can easily toss them in your bag for that inevitable moment when you're rushing to a meeting and realize your nails are badly chipped. We even used them in the back of an Uber pool recently (and the girl riding next to us didn’t so much as flinch—in fact, she proceeded to ask us what we were using and looked them up on her phone).

Buy it ($29)

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