How to Change Your Beauty Routine to Sync Up with the Moon Phases

You study your horoscope like your life depends on it (hey, it does). Your first question upon meeting anyone is, "What's your sign?" And when you're stuck in traffic or a TSA line, it's probably because—say it with us now: Mercury is retrograde. Duh. If you're down with the solar system, it's time to think about how Earth's closest natural satellite could be affecting you—specifically when it comes to beauty. 

Yep, the moon affects many different elements in nature—including when certain plants grow, the ocean’s tides and, according to astrologer and founder of Spirit Daughter, Jill Wintersteen, it influences our beauty rituals, too. Here, she shares three ways to sync your grooming with the lunar calendar to reap maximum benefits. 

1. Exfoliate your skin during a full moon. This is a time for releasing energetically and physically, including getting rid of any toxins built up on the skin. On a full moon, spend extra time in the shower and give yourself a deep exfoliation (perhaps with a mask or scrub), then apply a hydrating lotion or oil. The skin is said to soak up nutrients more deeply on a full moon, explains Wintersteen. (Removing the top layer of dead skin cells helps, too.)

2. Cut your hair during a waxing moon. It has long been said that cutting your hair during certain phases can affect its growth. (It’s even in the Farmers' Almanac.) If you want it to grow faster, get it cut during the waxing moon because that’s when its pull is the strongest. Conversely, for slower growth, cut your hair during the waning moon.

3. Get a manicure during a waxing moon. Weak nails? Are they breaking easily? To encourage faster growth and increase their strength, visit the salon for a manicure when there’s a waxing moon. Again, the moon's pull is the strongest during that time.

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