Celeb Makeup Artist Monika Blunder Just Launched the One Product You Need for a Dewier, Fresher Complexion

The great irony about makeup is that when it’s really good, it’s because it doesn’t look like you have much on. You know, that whole “woke up like this” vibe, where you look like yourself—just in the best conditions?

That’s exactly what Monika Blunder, makeup artist to Gemma Chan, Jessica Alba and America Ferrera (to name a few), is known for: creating fresh, dewy skin that looks like skin.

After honing her craft in Los Angeles for over two decades, Blunder, who was born and raised in Austria, has finally created a clean makeup line that incorporates her small town roots (which included a family garden filled with healing herbs) with her extensive knowledge of makeup.

Her debut product? A creamy foundation-concealer hybrid named Blunder Cover (a cheeky play on her last name).

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Monika Blunder Beauty

I’m always a bit wary when trying out new foundation because there is so much room for error. Shade matching is forever confusing because your skin isn’t just one color, and it’s constantly changing depending on the season. In short, I opened up my three pots of Blunder Cover with some trepidation.

First up, shade 3 or Drei, which is described as a “light/medium with warm neutral undertones.” I used this under my eyes, as it was just a touch brighter than the rest of my skin (and after several days of bad sleep, my dark circles were demanding some attention).

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Next, I applied shade 4 “Vier,” (medium with neutral peachy undertones) over the reddish-pink areas of my cheeks and around my nose. I finished off the look by blending a bit of shade 5 “Funf,” (a medium deep base with warm gold undertones) around the perimeter of my face for a soft contouring effect.

Mind you, I only did this to get a better sense of the product’s texture and versatility. I don’t think most people need to buy three different shades of foundation—nor do I advise it, unless you’re flush with cash or a budding makeup artist.

monika blunder beauty after makeup
Jenny Jin for PureWow

The thing that struck me most about Blunder Cover is the texture when you’re applying it. It’s velvety against your fingertips and packs a lot of pigment, while blending nicely into your skin with a few light taps.

For full disclosure, I am wearing nothing but my daily vitamin C serum and sunscreen underneath this. There is no additional moisturizer, primer or highlighter, which gives you a sense of how dewy the finish of this is on its own.

This luminosity can be attributed to the ingredients. The EU compliant label features botanicals like aloe vera for moisturizing and plumping, chamomile to soothe any redness, and edelweiss, which is a potent antioxidant and I’m told is the superhero ingredient in the formula.

monika blunder beauty category
Monika Blunder Beauty

Blunder Cover is currently available in a streamlined selection of just seven shades, but there are five more launching in early 2021. Blunder was the first to admit that it’s a smaller range to start (especially in a world where 40 shades have become the new normal), but she assures us that each shade was carefully chosen based on what she used most while working with her diverse clientele and community of friends and colleagues in the industry.

Also, of note: The glass jar is recyclable, and Blunder has taken the additional step of partnering with TerraCycle so you can easily ship back your empty containers (as well any other recyclable cosmetics) to be reused and upcycled.

monika blunder beauty blunder cover after
Jenny Jin for PureWow

All in all, I really like Blunder Cover because it’s quick and easy to use. You just tap it on with your fingertips and it immediately softens any dark shadows or splotchy areas on your face without masking it in makeup.

It also wears well. Here I am a few hours later, sitting in my living room in broad daylight. I’ve been staring at a computer screen all morning with the heater blasting around me, but my skin still looks fresh, as though I’ve emerged from a hike in the Austrian Alps. (Ha, God willing this can actually happen in 2021…or 2022?)

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