This Megababe Underarm Mask Is an Armpit Detox Dream

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Armpit what? Yep, you heard us right. Underarm detoxing is a very real thing—something that can make or break your journey from antiperspirant to an all-natural deodorant. If you’ve tried it, you know that it can be, uhh, smelly, which has left us running back to our toxin-laden antiperspirant many times.

What Exactly Is An Armpit Detox?

When making the switch from antiperspirant to deodorant, our pits go through a natural detoxification phase as our skin expels toxins, a.k.a the adjustment period where you may smell a bit funkier than usual as your skin’s pH balances out. See, antiperspirant includes aluminum and other toxins that keep you dry by physically and chemically blocking sweat and odor, which can lead to blocked pores and sweat glands over time.

PureWow’s beauty director Jenny Jin explains, “For most people, we’ve heard that it can take anywhere between two to four weeks for things to level out. Until then, gently exfoliating your underarms once a week can help mitigate the odor by clearing up dead skin cells (which bacteria feeds on).”

While this can be done with a washcloth and scrub at home, for some, it’s not quite enough. So there’s another, even easier way to treat your pits to a little TLC: Megababe’s Happy Pits Detoxifying Underarm Mask.

Think of it like a charcoal mask you’d slather on your T-zone to clear pores and mitigate excess oil. Except this 100 percent natural formula combines charcoal, glycolic acid and willow bark extract to draw out toxins, gently exfoliate and clarify sensitive armpit skin that generally goes uncared for.

At first, applying a leave-on mask to your pits can be a little strange. What do you do with your arms? We had the same question, so we tried it firsthand. Megababe’s product should be applied to clean, dry pits, so we made sure to give them a little prewash with a damp cloth. Then, we took the no-mess applicator tip directly to our skin and applied a thick, even layer of the charcoal-colored formula to each side. The unique packaging design made it super easy to keep our fingers clean—a huge bonus when you have to keep your arms above your head for the next five minutes. And yes, it can get a bit tiring to hold your arms up, but that’s nothing watching a little TV and resting your hands on top of your head can’t fix.

As for the removal process? The directions suggest washing it off with warm water or a washcloth, but that process left our bathroom (and ourselves) drenched to say the least. We’d highly suggest armpit detoxing just before you get in the shower and then removing the product while you’re under running water.

Now get ready for your softest, smoothest, most pleasant-smelling pits of all time—just in time for tank top season.

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