A Definitive Guide to Makeup for Almond-Shaped Eyes

Remember when you discovered those pants that were made for your body type, and it was kinda life-changing? That’s how we felt when we realized that eye makeup is definitely not one size fits all. For example, if your eyes fall into the almond category (like this PureWow editor, hi), you might have noticed that what works for your doe-eyed pals doesn’t always work for you. Not what shape you have? Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye—if your iris touches both the top and bottom waterline and you can't see any white, then you have almond eyes. Here are some foolproof tricks to mastering your exact (and might we add, lovely) shape.

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Use The Right Eyelash Curler

If your curler is regularly guilty of a) pinching, b) missing lashes on the edges or c) giving you a non-uniform curl, it might not be the right fit for you. Look for one with a shallower arc and wider opening to reach every last lash while avoiding the dreaded eyelid clamp. This will open up those almond-shaped peepers and keep them from looking small.

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Master The Wing

Ever feel like your cat-eye looks…off, even though you followed that video tutorial to a T? The wing isn’t just an arbitrary flick: For the most flattering effect, it should be a continuation of your waterline. Use this no-brainer trick to get the right angle every time. Boom: High-drama eyes that are elegant and not cartoonish.

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Be Strategic With Your Eyeliner

You can rock a smoky eye like nobody’s business, but it’s sort of high-maintenance for every day. To open up your almond-shaped peepers without too much effort, apply eyeliner only to the center of your lower lid and blend outward—instead of drawing a solid line all the way to the outer edge. This will emphasize the widest part of the eyes, while subtly defining them. Better yet, try it using a reflective shade to opens things up even more.

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...or Just Define The Inner Corners

On the flip side, you’ll get a totally different (but equally striking) effect by accentuating your eyes’ naturally defined shape. Forget the outdated “rule” that lining the inner corners should be avoided: A thin, precise V here delivers an edgy but still wearable alternative to a cat-eye. Just make sure to steady your hand against something before going in with a pencil.

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Try A Halo Eye

There’s a reason this eye shadow technique is blowing up Pinterest: It’s crazy flattering and super easy to do. Apply a darker shade on the outer and inner corners of the lid and use a lighter, brighter one in the center to give almond-shaped eyes instant depth and illumination.

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Frame Everything With A Well-groomed Brow

And finally, nothing complements every eye shape like killer brows. Your natural arch is always a good guideline, but your eyes in particular benefit from a little extra length at the ends. (Too-short brows will make your eyes feel exposed and unbalanced.) Make sure you’re tweezing the right way so you’ve got plenty to work with.