If You Have Monolids, You Should Be Skipping This Makeup Step

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If you have monolids, "makeup tips for monolids" is probably somewhere in your recent Google searches. Because you have an eye shape that appears to lack a crease, blanket statements like "blend the shadow into the crease" don't apply. But what if we told you the key to doing your eye makeup isn't about what you're using, but what you're not using?

Hear us out. A thick crayon-like liner works wonders to add density to your top lashline (and it saves space in your makeup bag). Just line and gently smudge the color with your fingertip to create a soft, smokey effect. As for the bottom lash line, you don't have to worry about it at all. Yep. Adding liner to your waterline can actually make your eyes appear smaller, so it's best to skip it all together. 

Now that you just saved yourself a few minutes in the morning, go enjoy that cup of coffee.

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