Shower Bombs Are About to Be Your New Best Friend

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Ahh. Is there anything more relaxing than slipping into a freshly drawn bath after a long day? It’s too bad there isn’t time for that on harried mornings. But, as if the universe knew we needed it, we just found a way to seriously upgrade our everyday routine: shower bombs.

Like the trendy bath bomb before it, shower bombs are little tablets that dissolve in water and let out a soothing blend of aromatic scents and essential oils in the process.

Personally, I suffer from pretty frequent allergies and often wake up puffy-eyed and congested. Usually when this happens, I blow my nose repeatedly like a tiny trumpet and wear those silly looking gel eye masks until the swelling subsides. (My boyfriend is a lucky guy.)

But one recent morning, I remembered I had a pack of eucalyptus shower bombs sitting in my bathroom, so I plopped one down by the drain and fired up the faucet. What happened next could only be described as Harry Potter magic.

A few seconds after turning on the water, the tab started to release ribbons of minty steam. Soon, my shower stall was covered in a dense fog that instantly broke through my congestion and opened up my pores. It was like stepping into a sauna (minus all of the naked strangers).

They’re so easy to use, too. You just drop one onto the bottom of your shower, turn on the water and step into your newly created oasis. The only thing I’d advise is to keep it near the stream of water, but away from the drain (so it doesn't dissolve too quickly). I learned this the hard way and ended up with a very short-lived sauna experience that could have been much longer.

Allergies or not, I think I’m going to treat myself to shower bombs more often. I always feel a bit calmer and more clearheaded when I start my mornings off with a little steam. Plus, it makes my skin feel extra soft. And, hey, at $8 for a pack of four, I’d say it’s a pretty small price to pay for some added TLC.

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