No matter how many eye creams you slather on, nothing brightens up your look like big, full lashes. But while the very (lucky) few are born with naturally fluttery ones, there are so many ways to fake fuller, longer fringe. From enhancing your natural lashes with a lift to adding drama with extensions, we turned to Sugarlash PRO founder and CEO Courtney Buhler for a little cheat sheet.

eyelash lift

Eyelash Lifts

So what’s a lash lift?
A lash lift is basically a push-up bra for your natural eyelashes.

What’s the process?
A skilled technician applies a series of creams and specially shaped silicone shields to give semi-permanent lift to your natural eyelashes for up to eight weeks. The procedure isn’t entirely new (it’s been around since the ’80s), but the old-school version used hard-to-control liquid solutions rather than non-running creams. A lash lift often also includes a tint, so you look like you’re wearing mascara from the moment you wake up. And it only takes about an hour from start to finish. 

What’s the upkeep?
Lash lifts are super low-maintenance and require virtually no upkeep for six to eight weeks. Just wait 24-hours before getting them wet so the curl has time to set. Afterward, you can shower, wash your face and watch sappy rom-coms without any issues. You can wear mascara (if you even need to), and lash serums or castor oil are encouraged to condition and hydrate.

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eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions

What exactly are eyelash extensions?
They’re semi-permanent falsies, which are hand-glued to the top of your actual lashes one at a time.

What’s the process?
First, you’ll choose your shape, curl and length for your desired effect. The longer and more curled, the more dramatic they’ll appear. Your first appointment could take anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours depending upon the look you’re going for. You’ll lie down on a table with your eyes closed and a technician will apply silicone patches underneath each eye to keep bottom lashes out of the way. They’ll then fuse each of the extensions to the base of your own hairs one by one.

What’s the upkeep?
You’ll have to go back in for a fill every three to five weeks, depending on how skilled your technician is and how careful you are with your eyes. To make them last, avoid steam or water for the first 24 hours and always avoid oil-based makeup off your lids and lash line, which could break down the adhesive and cause them to fall off faster.


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