Kelly Ripa Swears by *This* $10 Drugstore Product to Touch Up Her Grays

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It goes without saying that hosting a daily morning show can be a bit grueling on your hair. That’s why Kelly Ripa, who co-hosts Live with Kelly and Ryan five days a week, relies on celebrity hairstylist—and co-owner of the recently opened Mark Ryan Salon in New York City—Ryan Trygstad to protect and revive her strands week over week.

Trygstad has been coloring and styling Ripa’s hair (gray in its natural state) for 17 years—almost as long as she’s been host of the show—which means he knows a thing or two about her locks. His biggest challenge? Those bright TV lights. “The lights are so hot that it can make her hair look ashy. I have to find a balance, so that her hair looks great on camera and in person,” he says.

As a result, Trygstad colors Ripa’s hair every other week, but given that Ripa’s hair base is so light, her gray roots have a tendency to grow in fast. That’s why she swears by L’Oreal Paris’s Magic Root cover-up for touch-ups in between visits to Trygstad. “You could buy something more expensive, but a product like this is gone in a couple of days. L’Oreal tends to last and it works,” Trygstad explains. The smudge-free formula is also designed to cover up grays in seconds and last until your next shampoo sans any sticky residue. (FYI, it comes in eight different shades.)

Another product Ripa swears by to maintain the health of her sleek and effortless ‘do: Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Reset Duo Hair Serum. This color-safe product strengthens damaged hair, prevents split ends and leaves your locks with plenty of moisture and shine. To use, massage a dime-size amount to the ends of damp or dry hair daily and leave in.

BRB, making over our own hair routine to be more like Kelly’s.

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