Guys, Kate Middleton Gets Nutella Facials (and We Want One, Too)

Whether we’re talking about her coats or her kids, Kate Middleton is a trendsetter, no doubt. But her flawless complexion (despite two stress-inducing toddlers and massive amounts of royal pressure) has been a mystery…until now.

Deborah Mitchell, facialist to the royals including Kate and Queen Elizabeth, recently revealed in an interview that she uses a homemade spread of chocolate and hazelnut with a little bit of palm oil—aka the main ingredients in Nutella—on her high-profile clients, including one in particular with really good skin. (Cough, Kate Middleton, cough.)

The reason Mitchell’s a believer in this chocolate-infused facial? Apparently, the sugar in the Nutella-like mixture helps exfoliate and soften skin while the palm oil leaves your whole complexion looking hydrated and bright for days.

Brilliant. Just try not to lick your cheek.

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