Kao USA Inc. Launches Wakati, a New Product Line for Natural Hair Textures

Finding great hair products that cater specifically to natural curls can be a challenge—but thankfully, Kao USA Inc. is making moves to change that.

The Kao team has teamed up with various Historically Black Colleges and Universities to create Wakati (Swahili for "time"), a new hair care brand that's designed for people with natural hair textures.

Per the brand's official website, "A passionate group within the Kao USA Research & Development team asked a single question: Why are there not more effective hair care formulas specifically designed for natural black hair? To answer their own question, they pulled together a dedicated team of hair & skin experts, scientists, and African-American researchers and got to work."

As a result, the team launched a brand-new formula for coarse hair, known as the Wakati Water-Activated Conditioner ($15). According to the website, it smoothes rough cuticles, seals in moisture and reduces shedding. The new line also includes the Sulfate-Free Shampoo ($10), the Oil-Infused Cream ($10) and the Conditioning Mist ($10).  

If you're skeptical about trying these out on your curls, then allow us to share some of the positive reviews we've seen. One satisfied customer rated the Water-Activated Conditioner five stars on and said, "I used this after a very drying shampoo. It truly restored my moisture and helps to reduce breakage especially during detangling my various 4(a-c) texture in varying parts of my head." And as for the conditioning mist, one customer wrote, "I received this product and was very skeptical at first because it is hard to find products that work on my hair. I sprayed the product on my hair and instantly my hair was so soft and manageable. My brush went straight through my curls! It was great!"

Always amazing to see more diversity and inclusion when it comes to hair care.

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