Jennifer Garner Swears By This Product to Combat Thinning Hair

Listen up, ladies and gents: Jennifer Garner is sharing her go-to product for combatting thinning hair.

This week, the 50-year-old actress teamed up with her longtime hairstylist, Adir Abergel, to discuss the benefits of Virtue’s Flourish Density Booster ($50). Garner posted a video on Instagram where she explained how the drug-free spray has helped her achieve healthy, luscious locks.

In the video, Garner revealed why the Flourish Density Booster is different than other hair boosters. “It is made for women,” she said. “It has been scientifically put together for a woman’s head.”

Abergel added, “The thing that’s so amazing about it is it’s drug-free. You’re not going to dry out your scalp. Your hair is going to stay healthy. You’re creating a beautiful, fertile, amazing [environment] for your scalp.”

Garner joked, “Create fertile ground on your head.”

The product was created specifically for women using the brand’s regenerative technology (Alpha Keratin 60KU), along with other safe ingredients (like Alpha + Gamma Keratins and a Biomimetic Signal Peptide). The formula is designed to target fragile hair follicles so they can thrive.

According to Virtue, the Density Booster is “the only drug-free spray [that’s] clinically proven to support healthy hair growth.” The description reads, “The Flourish Density Booster is ideal for hair loss prevention or mild to moderate hair thinning. It is color-safe, pregnancy-safe, nursing-safe, paraben-free, vegan and gluten-free.”

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