The Surprising Way to Treat Dry Lips

And get your lipstick to last longer in the process

Nothing works quite like a swipe of red (or hot-pink) lipstick to brighten up your entire look. But the trouble with wearing any sort of lip color is that it accentuates any dryness you have. And though we instinctively reach for our richest balms in these moments, there is a surprising swap that works much better.

What you need: A washcloth and your eye cream.

What you do: Run the washcloth under warm water. Then, using small circular motions, gently buff off any flakes. Put a pea-sized amount of eye cream on your index finger and tap it onto your mouth until it fully absorbs. Apply lipstick as usual.

Why it works: Eye cream is packed with hydrating ingredients but is much less greasy than a balm or salve so you get smoother results—and longer-lasting lipstick.

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