Cool Idea Alert: You Can Moisturize Your Feet with a Banana Peel

Keeping a bunch of bananas on hand at all times is crucial. They upgrade our morning smoothies, they make an excellent vehicle for peanut butter and, as we discovered recently, the peels are incredible at whitening your teeth. But there’s yet another cool thing you can use the peels for: moisturizing your feet.

Wait, what? It turns out the inside of each peel is packed with amino acids and a ton of nourishing vitamins (like A, B, C and E) that soothe and soften dry, itchy skin.

So what exactly do you do? Save the peel from your aforementioned smoothie and rub the insides of it (aka the stringy, mushy part) all over the soles of your feet and anywhere else that’s dry. Rinse off any excess goop and repeat for a few days until they feel silky smooth.

Bonus: Now you have a use for that bruised, overripe banana you forgot about in your purse.

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