Heres the Genius Way to Shave Sunburned Legs

We?re going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you were vigilant about applying sunscreen. Regardless, sometimes sunburns still happen. And body hair doesn?t stop growing--ever. So what?s a girl to do when she needs to shave but also has painful sunburn? We?ll tell you.

What you need: A bottle of aloe vera gel.

What you do: Rinse your body in lukewarm water (you want to avoid any extreme temps while your skin is on the mend). Next, apply a generous amount of aloe vera to both legs. (Now is not the time to be stingy, people.) Shave gently, taking care not to press down too hard with your razor. Rinse away any excess aloe (again, with lukewarm water) and pat skin dry.

Why it works: The gel cools and soothes your sunburned skin while creating a barrier for the blade. Plus, it doubles as a moisturizing treatment. Why hadn?t we thought of this before?

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