How to Sharpen Tweezers with This Genius Hack

woman tweezing eyebrows

You know how the saying goes—eyebrows are the window to the soul (or they might as well be). But trying to shape your brows with dull tweezers is a pointless (and highly frustrating) exercise. And sure, you could buy yourself a new pair or you could try this clever hack to get those tweezers working as good as new. Here’s how.

What you’ll need:

Your dull tweezers and an emery board (aka your nail file)—that’s it.

How to Sharpen Tweezers:

Place the board in the middle of the tweezers and gently slide the tweezers back and forth. Just a few swipes should give you sharper tweezers in practically no time. Ah, time to (carefully) tweeze those caterpillars into the perfect arch

One more thing:

This is a great tip to extend the life of your tweezers, but the best offense is defense. Prevent your tweezers from becoming dull by making sure to clean them between uses (a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol should do the trick). Easy-peasy.

The Only Way We’re Plucking Our Brows Now

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