The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Are you a "comma" or a "caterpillar"?

Thanks to the recent revival of natural beauty (and the sheer exhaustion of high-maintenance morning routines of the past), bold brows are having a moment. But that doesn’t mean you can forgo the tweezers altogether. Ahead, grooming tips to play up (or pare down) certain facial features.

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Long Face: The Natural

For lengthy faces, you want to create width. So try horizontal brows (minimal arching required) but don’t even think about going bushy here. Wispy and light is way more flattering, as heavy and dark will make your face look like a cross.


Round Face: The Thick Arch

Counter soft apple-y cheeks with high slopes. Think: a “surprise!” face but understated. The visual effect here will lengthen your features.


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Heart-shaped Face: The Low Arch

Low-key ladies (who happen to have a tapered chin) rejoice: It’s best to just leave things alone. Over-manicured brows tend to draw too much attention to an already prominent forehead area. Just clean up any strays to keep things tidy.


Square Face: The Sharp Arch

To balance out a jawline that can appear bony and sharp, a statement brow with strong angles works wonders to draw the focus upward. Another step to consider: filling in your brows a shade or two darker than your hair color.

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Oval Face: The Straight Shooter

This face shape can get away with just about any kind of brow (lucky). Play with your natural brow structure (or a slightly sloped arch, if you’re feeling it) and go for even thickness that stretches from the inner eyes all the way to the temples.


Diamond Face: The "comma"

Not quite as common, diamond-shaped faces tend to be wider at the temples with defined chins and chiseled cheekbones. Draw the focus more inward with “comma” brows, which (like their punctuation shape suggests) tend to be heavier near the inner eyebrows, then gently taper toward the temples.


Wide-set Eyes: The Intentional Caterpillar

Put down the tweezers, you doe-eyed beauty, you. Women with wide-set eyes look best with full brows that have a little weight between them. Embrace grooming tools like brow gels and brushes for control.


Close-set Eyes: The Long And Lean Line

Let your brow be soft and subtle, and extend from your inner-eye area all the way beyond your outer-eye area. You’ll want the widening effect, but don’t be tempted to over-tweeze close to your nose, as this just further draws attention to the middle of your face.

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