7 Ways to Take Off Your Makeup Without Makeup Remover

Close the cosmetics drawer, open the fridge

We’ve been told time and time again how crucial it is to take our makeup off every night before bed. But what if you’ve just run out of remover? No excuse, friends, since we now know we can use any of these seven common household items to get the job done in a pinch.

makeup avo


OK, so this one requires not eating your avos, but if you can hold off, it’s worth it. Lots of DIY makeup removers call for avocado oil, so the whole thing must work, right? Right! Just swab a Q-tip over a cut avocado and watch as it magically removes even the most stubborn eyeliners and mascaras. Plus, the omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E make everyone’s favorite toast topping a pretty great eye cream, too.

makeup coconut

Coconut Oil

A jack-of-all-trades, coconut oil again proves itself an incredibly useful beauty tool when it comes to removing makeup. It smells amazing, leaves skin moisturized and is super easy to use. Just spread some onto a cotton ball and wipe away the day’s foundation, eyeliner and mascara. Simple as that.

makeup oliveoil

Olive Oil

In addition to splashing it on your salads and pasta, you can also use olive oil as makeup remover. A natural moisturizer, it’s especially beneficial for those who have dry skin, since it’s got a number of softening agents.

makeup yogurt


Yogurt is milk-based and has beneficial probiotics that can soothe and cool the skin while removing makeup. Its enzymes and lactic acid help banish dead skin cells and hydrate the skin. To use, dip cotton rounds into yogurt and massage into the skin. Oh, and it’s probably advisable to stick to an unflavored plain blend.

makeup milk


Like yogurt, milk’s combination of water, fats and protein makes it a terrific makeup removing option for those with sensitive skin. And despite the fact that drinking milk sometimes causes breakouts, using it topically actually has the opposite effect, soothing your face, allowing it to retain moisture and even gently exfoliating it (thanks to the lactic acid present).

makeup baby
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Baby Shampoo

Got a little one at home? Borrow a few drops of their soapy suds to wipe away the day’s glam. Since it’s specifically designed for sensitive newborn skin, it’s incredibly gentle to the eye area specifically (hello, “no more tears”).

makeup aloe1

Aloe Vera

It’s not just for sunburns, people. Turns out, aloe vera is a solid choice for those of us with oily skin. Its vitamins, minerals and amino acids can remove stubborn makeup without leaving it greasy. And it’s also a natural astringent, meaning it can cure those red, puffy eyes you sometimes get after using makeup wipes. The super-cool and refreshing feeling of applying it is just an added bonus.

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