How to Get Glitter Off Your Skin Once and for All

Crafting mishaps happen

glitter hero

Blame it on your four-year-old’s macaroni picture frame. Or your latest Pinterest adventure. Or Rebecca’s seriously fun (and also seriously ridiculous) bachelorette party. Whatever the culprit, you now have flecks of glitter all over your fingers, cheeks, eyebrows, bangs…from now until eternity. Here’s how to finally rid yourself of those shiny suckers.

What you need: Aerosol hairspray and a paper towel.

What you do: Dampen the paper towel and spray hairspray on it liberally. Then, blot the parts of your skin that are subject to sparkly flecks.

Why it works: The adhesive in the hairspray is tough enough to stick to the glitter but gentle enough not to tug on your skin (like, say, tape would). We hope someone alerted Melissa McCarthy of this.