The 5-Cent Trick to Getting Rid of Dry, Flaky Skin

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After what feels like the longest winter ever, your skin is probably as angry as you are. Read: dry patches galore. Exfoliate too much and it could make matters worse. But overdo the moisturizer and you look like a grease ball. Oh, and trying to cover up the flakes with foundation will just result in a mess—unless you try this little remedy, which costs all of maybe five cents. 

What you need: A piece of Scotch tape and liquid foundation.

What you do: After applying your daily moisturizer, grab a piece of Scotch tape and press it onto any flakey areas, gently lifting them off. Once any peeling dry skin is gone, reach for a liquid or serum-based foundation and apply as you normally would. Skip the powder, though—it will dry skin out even more.

Why it works: The scotch tape stick to any flakes that are ready to come off and removes them without irritating the rest of your face. It’s a lot gentler than exfoliating, and besides, who doesn’t already have tape in their junk drawer. 

Don’t be surprised if you find a roll of Scotch in our makeup bags from here on out. 

How to Fix Dry Skin Patches Under Your Foundation

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