How to Fix Dry Skin Patches Under Your Foundation

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We love winter. To us it means non-stop hygge and spiking any warm beverage that comes our way. But sadly, our irritated skin isn't on board with being quite so chill. (Cue the dry, flaky patches that only seem to get worse the more you try and hide them under concealer.)

That’s where this simple trick comes in. Dab some hydrating face oil (we love this one by Kiehl’s) onto those dry spots after you’ve moisturized but before you put on your foundation.

How to Fix Dry Skin Patches Under Foundation:

1. Squeeze a few drops of face oil into your palm.
2. Dampen a beauty sponge and wring out the excess water before dabbing it into the oil in your palm.
3. Tap the sponge against any dry, flaky areas until the oil is absorbed.
4. Apply foundation to your face and neck as you normally would.

Why it works:

The oil will target problem areas (like the tip of your nose or chin) so that foundation can glide over without clinging. And—bonus—it will help your skin heal more quickly in the process.

Airbrushed-looking skin without the cover of dark corners? All yours.

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