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How to Put in Eye Drops Without Messing Up Your Makeup
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Eye drops are a lifesaver on those tired mornings (and during allergy season) when your peepers are completely bloodshot. They’re also a bit of a nuisance to actually put in—often leading to smudged shadow and mascara streaking down your face.

Thankfully, celebrity makeup artist Jenny Patinkin showed us a genius trick for getting the drops in without ever touching the rest of your makeup. 

What you need: Your trusty bottle of eye drops and a Q-tip.

What you do: Squeeze the drops onto one end of the Q-tip until it’s completely saturated. Then place the wet tip in the inner corner of your eye and blink a few times to distribute the moisture. Repeat on the other side.

Why it works: While squeezing drops directly into your eyes can be messy (and make some people flinch), a concentrated dose right in the corners is cleaner and easier to control. Now go seize the day, bright eyes.

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