Here's the Real Reason Your Nails Are Always Chipping

Maybe you’ve mastered the at-home manicure. Or perhaps you’re religious about keeping your weekly appointment at the salon. Either way, there is one crucial step that a lot of us neglect—and it’s the biggest culprit of chipped nails.

You’re not using a quality topcoat. Sure, there could be a variety of reasons for chipping nails. But you’re almost guaranteed to have a lasting job when any multitudes of sins is covered up by a good topcoat. And, yes, that might even mean you need to take your own bottle to the salon. (We—and about 1,300 other reviewers—love Seche’s impenetrable, fast-drying one.)

And a nifty trick while were at it: Every couple days, swipe that topcoat over just the tips to keep the color sealed in (and buy you even more time before the next paint job). Now the only chips in your life are the ones that come with a bowl of guac.

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