7 Ways to Have the Skin of a 25-Year-Old

Put these into practice ASAP

Short of discovering the proverbial fountain of youth, the current options for halting the aging process are pretty grim. Botox? Nah. Surgery? Nope. A cool $300 for eye cream? What, are you nuts?! Thankfully, there are a handful of practices that (if formed into habit) could be real game changers when it comes to younger-looking skin.



Drink a Whole Bunch of Water…All the Time

You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again: Drinking those eight glasses of water a day truly improves your skin, from the inside out. There have been some ongoing health debates over whether those two daily liters are truly necessary, but from a glowing-skin standpoint, you’re better off keeping things flush. (Pro tip: Buy a pretty bottle that’ll make it fun to fill up.)


Eat More Vitamin C and Zinc

Research shows that low levels of nutrients like vitamin C and zinc may slow your skin's ability to repair itself. To keep skin’s defenses high, eat more fatty fish (like salmon), dark green vegetables (like broccoli), almonds and walnuts. We should also tell you to swap coffee for green tea, but you know how we feel about coffee. So…live your life.


Get Some Quality Shut-Eye

Turns out, when you skip out on a solid eight hours of sleep, your skin’s surface layer has a harder time recovering from the daily damage it endures. This is also why it’s so important to wash your face before bed. If you don’t, your skin will have a tough time refreshing its dermis.


But Pay Attention to Your Pillowcase

We’re going to let you in on a not-so-pleasant secret: One of the biggest culprits for causing wrinkles is your pillowcase. You smash your face into this baby every night, so it kind of makes sense that it would eventually start to leave a mark. To soften the blow, switch to silk pillowcases. They don't absorb oils like cotton cases and allow your skin to retain its natural moisture--one of the easiest ways to prevent wrinkles.

Real Simple


Invest in a Heavy-Duty Eye Cream

Wearing big sunglasses can only do so much. For the most anti-aging benefits, wear a retinol cream around your eyes every night. That way, while your most delicate skin areas are enjoying their eight hours of recovery sleep, they’ll also be soaking in necessary moisture. Then, in the morning, dab on Relastin Eye Silk, which is shown to increase elastin under the eyes. What’s elastin? Read on…

Eye Swoon


Make Friends with Elastin

Here's the deal: The oft-neglected cohort of collagen is what makes young skin snap back when pressed (a key quality of firmness). Unfortunately, we stop making elastin around the time we hit puberty. But! Scientists have figured out that dill extract can help your body make more of it. (Heads up: Olay Professional Pro-X Intensive Firming Treatment has this ingredient.)



Try a Weekly Sheet Mask

Basically, it’s a facial in a box. This new-to-the-scene beauty treatment comes from Korea, dishes out highly concentrated serums and is beloved by nearly every celebrity. If it makes us look thismuch closer to Chrissy Teigen? We’ll take a case.