This Crucial Step Will Ensure You Get Even Brows Every Time

Ever tweeze your brows and notice that one side is slightly (or, um, very) different from the other? We've all been there. Many times.

In an ideal world, we'd always have a pro shape them up for us. But in reality, we often have to face that critical moment ourselves (like when we're about to run out the door and catch a glimpse of what appear to be neglected caterpillars above our eyes). So we tapped Sania Vucetaj, who tends to the likes of Camila Cabello and Sarah Jessica Parker (to name a few) for some help.

Sania's best advice?  Always take a minute to map things out before you even pick up your tweezers, because thinking ahead will make a world of difference in their final shape. In other words, plan before you pluck.

To do this is simple: "Just fill in your brows with a pencil to create a good, strong symmetrical shape. Then tweeze around them, which will help protect you from over-tweezing and making them uneven,” says Sania.

Some of our favorite tools: Urban Decay Brow Guide brow stencils ($12); Tweezerman slanted tip tweezers ($14); Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil ($21)

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