This Homemade Sugar Scrub Will Give You Baby-Soft Hands

Goodbye, scraggly cuticles

Hands: They text and type and swipe and (sometimes) cook. We put them through a lot on a daily basis…and it shows. Get them soft and mani-ready with this simple, natural two-ingredient scrub you can whip up in minutes.

What you need: A jar of raw honey, a bag of white sugar, a small bowl, a whisk and two large plastic Ziploc bags.

What you do: In a small bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of the raw honey with ¼ cup of sugar. Slather the scrub all over your hands, making sure to also massage the mixture into your cuticles. Cover each hand with a plastic bag (since you can imagine this gets rather messy) and sit still for a few minutes while the honey works its magic. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water (anything too hot can strip away moisture), pat your hands dry and finish with your regular lotion.

Why it works: As you can expect, the sugar gently exfoliates the skin. But what you might not know: It is also a natural humectant (meaning it draws moisture into the skin). The raw honey (as opposed to processed conventional honey) has inherent antibacterial properties (great for keeping your cuticles clean) and is extremely moisturizing as well.

For deeper hydration: Cover your plastic-wrapped hands in warm towels to help the moisturizing ingredients penetrate even deeper. Also, it feels heavenly.


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