5 Hairstyles That Require Zero Curling Iron Skills

Forget a magic wand (for now). We’d be content effectively wielding a curling wand. Luckily, for the beach wave-challenged, the Internet has a slew of hairstyle tutorials that require zero curling iron skills. See five of our favorites below.

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banana bun chicago hair ideas

The Banana Bun

Good news: The banana bun works best when your hair is a little dirty. Divide your hair into three sections, securing the middle section with an elastic. From there, wrap the right section over the middle, twisting the two together. Then tuck the left section underneath and pin it all up—or don’t. The beauty of this style is that you can make it whatever you want…and messy is good.

half up twist chicago hair ideas

The Half-up Twist

If you’re prone to absentmindedly twirling your hair, you can create this style. Grab a three-inch-wide section of hair from one temple and tease slightly for texture and volume. Divide the section in half and twist the two halves around each other. Repeat on the other temple and secure the two sides together in back with a rubber band. Hello, pretty.

artful air dry chicago hair ideas

The Artful Air-dry

There’s a technique to that perfect French girl bedhead look. Apply Redken’s new No Blow-Dry cream to damp hair, twist or scrunch to create texture and let air-dry. Um, what’s the French word for “easy”?

messy topsy tail chicago hair ideas

The Messy Topsy Tail

Remember that weird tool you bought off TV in the ’90s? Well, that style, mussed up a bit, is totally wearable today—and no, you don’t need another gadget in your vanity to do it. Simply put your hair in a loose low pony and pull it through the top (above your hair tie). Tease it a bit and you’re ready for work.

hair up top knot chicago hair ideas

The Half-up Topknot

Nineties styles have been creeping back into our lives the last couple of years, and finally, they’ve found their way up to our hair. It just so happens the half-up bun is trendy and oh-so-easy. Plus, we have a feeling you’re already familiar with the style.

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