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What Haircut Should You Actually Have?

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Looking to switch up your hair, but not quite sure where to start? Take our quiz to get some inspiration before you book an appointment. (Or feel validated that your current ‘do is spot on, you stylish minx, you.)


What’s Your Main Issue With Your Hair Right Now?

Boredom. It hasn't changed in years. 

Nothing really. Just want a little refresh.

It's falling a bit flat. Gimme volume! 

It's auditioning as an extra on The Walking Dead


Whose Wardrobe Would You Most Want To Raid?

Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Emma Watson

Victor Virgile/Getty Images


Robert Kamau/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Alexa Chung


How Much Time Are You Willing To Spend On Your Hair Every Morning?

However long it takes to make it perfect

15 minutes (if I can also eat breakfast while doing it)

Is "zero" an acceptable answer?

Eh, maybe five minutes


Whose Makeup Is The Best?

Steven A. Henry/Getty Images

Gwyneth Paltrow

Dan MacMedan/Getty Images


Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Janelle Monae

Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian


Your Hair Care Routine In A Few Words:

Wash and blow dry every day

Wash every other day and style a couple days a week

Wash whenever it feels greasy and maybe straighten it on the weekends

Live by dry shampoo and love a good topknot

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