8 Hair Ideas We Got from Watching ‘Younger’

If you’re searching for a new show to watch (OK, binge) this weekend, look no further. Younger is hilarious and heartfelt—and the style is always on point. Now, the Saint Laurent bags, we might not all be able to copy. But the twists and topknots we can totally do. Here’s some hair inspiration from Kelsey Peters, Liza Miller and co.

The Easiest Updo to Try with Second-Day Hair

younger twin topknots
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Twin Topknots

Lauren is the yin to Kelsey’s yang. Both friends obviously have a shared sense of style but unique takes on their topknots.

younger half up knot
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Half Bun

Clearly her new life and friends rub off on Liza, as you see her quickly change from dowdy suburban mom to trendy Brooklynite.

younger double bun
Josiah Kamau/Getty Images

Double Pigtail Buns

You’ve got to hand it her. No doubt, Liza is fully committed to this 26-year-old business.

younger half crown braid
Bobby Bank/Getty Images

Half-crown Braid

Caitlin might cringe at her mom’s crown braid (and moto jacket), but we approve.

younger chignons
Alessio Botticelli/Getty Images

Messy Chignon

You definitely see the ladies start to step up their style game when they’re tapped to run Empirical’s new Millennial imprint.

younger day two twist
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Double Twist Back

Fact: Kelsey Peters is a genius at styling day-old hair.

younger cinderella twist
Robert Kamau/Getty Images

Twisted Ponytail

She even makes it work for formal Cinderella-esque events.

7 Jazzed-Up, Non-Basic Ponytails to Keep You Cool All Summer Long

younger trio blowout
Alessio Botticelli/Getty Images

Smooth Waves

But you gotta admit—whether it’s half-up, paired with bangs or completely down—the three friends look like they all appreciate a good blowout.

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