Ginger Spice Hair Is Majorly Trending This Fall (Here’s How to Wear It)

Whether you’re a blonde who is looking to amp up your color for fall or a brunette who wants to brighten up your strands without bleach, ginger spice hair is a trend for all. Scroll ahead for some inspiration to bring to your stylist.

The Top 6 Hair Color Trends to Try This Fall

ginger spice hair trend zoey deutch
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Add Auburn Babylights

According to Tracey Cunningham (the mastermind behind both Emma Stone and Zoey Deutch’s signature red hair), the key to getting a natural-looking red is to weave in multiple colors using super-fine highlights rather than dyeing it all one shade.

ginger spice hair trend anne hathaway
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Blend Your Roots

For a subtler take on the trend, keep your roots au natural and add some auburn highlights through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, focusing on the strands closest to your face.

ginger spice hair trend issa rae
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Try A Glaze

Calling all ladies with curls and coils: Consider a copper glaze. It’s a safer way to lighten up your look without having to lift the base color.

ginger spice hair trend irene kim
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Lift And Tone

Ginger spice is nice to all—even those with naturally dark hair. To replicate model Irene Kim’s rich auburn, ask your colorist to lift your base shade to a slightly paler brown before adding a mix of golden red tones on top.

ginger spice hair trend ayesha curry
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Protect Your Color

A final note: Make sure to get thee a sulfate-free shampoo. Red is one of the quickest colors to fade depending on how often you wash and heat style your hair. Suds up with a gentle cleanser to keep your ginger strands shiny.

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