14 French Beauty Brands You Might Be Mispronouncing

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French women are known for their effortless beauty looks (think less contouring, more fresh-faced), but boy does it take a lot of effort to actually pronounce some of the products that make them look so polished in the first place. Here, 14 to start practicing now (before your next trip to Paree). 

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french pronounce vichy


The wrong way: Vi-chee

The right way: Vee-she

A French pharmacy favorite.

french pronounce nuxe


The wrong way: Nux

The right way: Newks

Pardon us while we bathe in their dry oil.

french pronounce klorane


The wrong way: Klo-rain

The right way: Klo-rahn 

Trust us when we say that the dry shampoos are a cut above.

frenhc pronounce orlane


The wrong way: Or-lane

The right way: Or-lahn

Same thing without the “kl” in front.

french pronounce avene


The wrong way: Ah-veen

The right way: Ah-ven 

Have perpetually flushed cheeks? This gentle skin-care brand is your new BFF.

french pronounce laroche
La Roche-Posay

La Roche-posay

The wrong way: La-Roch-Pose-ay

The right way: La-Roesh-Poe-zay

Do yourself a favor and try the sunscreen serum.

french pronounce laconvent
Le Couvent des Minimes

Le Couvent Des Minimes

The wrong way: Lay Coo-vent des Mi-nimes

The right way: Luh Coo-vahn de Mee-neem

Hey, at least you didn’t have to spell it.

french pronounce lilas


The wrong way: Bour-joys

The right way: Bor-jwah

Creators of the world’s first powder blush (all the way back in 1863!).

french pronounce votre
Votre Vu

Votre Vu

The wrong way: Voter Voo

The right way: Voh-tray Voo

Fun fact: The rosy pink lip color above was what Hillary Clinton wore throughout her campaign.

french pronounce leoor
Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl

The wrong way: Leo-nore Grey-el

The right way: Lay-oh-nor Grail

The styling cream (above) is our Holy Grail hair product.

french pronounce savor
Savon de Marseille

Savon De Marseille

The wrong way: Save-on de Mar-selle

The right way: Sah-von de Mar-say

Leave it to the French to make hand soap chic.

french pronounce david
David Mallett

David Mallett

The wrong way: Day-vid Mal-lay

The right way: Day-vid Mal-let 

Just when you thought you were getting the hang of it…

french pronounce embrolysse


The wrong way: Em-broil-lease

The right way: Em-bree-yo-lease

File this under: how to get the dewiest skin.

french pronounce lametier
Le Métier de Beauté

Le Métier De Beauté

The wrong way: Leh-meteor day Byoo-tee

The right way: Leh-meh-tee-ay de Byoo-tay 

If it’s good enough to make the gift bag at the Golden Globes…

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