Forget Pricey Facials: These At-Home Devices Will Give Your Skin the Spa Day It Deserves

If there’s one thing we know about getting older, aside from our desire to do so gracefully (you know, for the most part), it’s the importance of taking care of your skin. And while we’re well aware of the virtues of daily sunscreen, the wide world of skincare can feel a little overwhelming, even if you’re a skincare junkie like us. There are just so many products, ingredients, tools, procedures…the list goes on. Let’s just say, there’s a lot out there to spend your hard-earned money and time on—many of which don’t really deliver the results you want.

foreo complete at home spa facial

That’s why when we first heard about Swedish brand FOREO’s at-home facial devices that offer spa-like results at a fraction of the cost and treatment time, we knew we had to try them. Years later, these innovative tools are still a vital part of our daily skincare routines—not to mention we’ve cut our pricey visits to the spa way down. Whether you’re looking to contour and tone, cleanse and massage, or get smoother, more radiant skin, take it from us: FOREO’s LUNA 3, UFO 2 and BEAR will deliver in just six minutes (plus, they’re pretty fun to use). If you’re ready to give your skin the TLC it so definitely deserves, read on for our deep dive into these three very worth-it devices.

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1. Deep Cleanse And Improve Skin Texture With The Luna 3

Between frequent workouts and everyday air pollutants, our skin is often susceptible to breakouts and irritation. That’s where the LUNA 3, a personalized facial cleansing and firming massager, comes in: It was created to fit your skin’s cleansing needs, no matter how sensitive it is. There’s the purple LUNA 3, with the smallest and softest hypoallergenic silicone bristles for sensitive skin; pink LUNA 3, with a combination of small and medium bristles for normal skin; and blue LUNA 3 for combination skin, with a larger surface of medium bristles. We gravitated toward the purple for sensitive skin and immediately loved the feel of the soft, ultra-hygienic silicone bristles. They don’t accumulate bacteria like other cleansing brushes made from nylon, so you don’t have to buy replacement heads for the brush. Plus, the battery can last over four months with one charge (even if you use it a couple of times daily), so you rarely have to charge it.

The device pulsates rather than scrubs to break down any oil and dirt in your pores, and the soft bristles—aka touchpoints—remove said oil and dirt. Our skin felt clean and soft after using it, and in no way was it irritating. Just download the app and follow along, using the automatic timer to choose how long you’d like to spend cleansing each section of your face (it lets you know when to switch sections). Then flip to LUNA 3’s reverse side for the firming massager tool, which uses lower frequency pulsations to diminish fine lines and wrinkles on your face, chin and neck. Bonus: You can use a smaller amount of your favorite moisturizer, serum or cleanser since your fingers aren’t absorbing the product too.

The result? No bacteria buildup. No dryness from overdoing it with exfoliating acids and serums. Just gorgeous, glowing skin.

foreo ufo 2 at home spa facial

2. Glow Up With The Ufo 2

Love getting facials? Same. But who has the time (or the cash) to spend at the spa every few weeks? With the UFO 2, there’s no need. This supercharged two-minute facial device is packed with professional-level technology that can be used in your own home. Think: hyper-infusion technology that combines heating (thermotherapy), cooling (cryotherapy) and T-sonic pulsations, along with full-spectrum LED Light Therapy. Sounds cool, right?

Just choose one of the many UFO 2-activated mask options, all of which are formulated with the help of Korean mask experts and contain no parabens, silicones or harmful ingredients. (We loved the “Make My Day,” a combination of hyaluronic acid and red algae to hydrate and protect from pollution.) Then place the mask on the device, secure it with the plastic ring, and gently glide the device across your face in circular motion. Within seconds, the UFO 2 opens your pores with its thermo-therapy function. You can also listen to a calming voice and soothing background music from the app (talk about relaxing).

The UFO 2 next uses red LED light therapy and T-Sonic pulsations to amplify and enhance the effectiveness of the mask—essentially “pushing” the essence deeper in the skin. After 90 seconds, the entire facial is complete. You can even rinse the device off under the sink since it’s completely waterproof. The eight LED lights provide different targeted photofacials. For example, blue light targets acne, while the red light allows for detoxification and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, the T-Sonic pulsations allow the high-quality ingredients to penetrate skin’s deepest layers more easily for the best results, at the tap of a button. Basically, you get a super-effective, personalized facial treatment that takes less than two minutes at home. As Ina Garten would say, “How easy is that?”

foreo bear microcurrent facial

3. Contour And Tone With The Bear Microcurrent Facial

This cute, palm-sized, advanced microcurrent device packs a punch. It actually tightens and tones your skin, so you’ll never have to watch a contouring makeup how-to on YouTube again. Here’s how it works: Apply the included sample of FOREO’s Serum Serum Serum. (It’s a conductive formula that allows the device’s microcurrents to effectively flow into the skin and activate your face’s muscles.) Then choose from one of five microcurrent intensity levels and slowly run the device along the jawline, cheekbone and forehead in an outward motion.

We actually saw an immediate result in our cheekbones and jawline, even polling our Insta followers to get an objective opinion. The stimulating microcurrent tones the skin, while gentle T-Sonic pulsations massage the face and brighten the complexion for a youthful glow. And if you’re a little trepidatious about the microcurrent intensity, have no fear: The BEAR’s patented anti-shock system (something no other microcurrent device has) scans and measures skin’s resistance to electricity, automatically adjusting the intensity for a pleasant and effective treatment—with no electric shocks. You can target any trouble areas you like and go at your own pace. It’s essentially like having one of those trendy new face gyms right at home.

Ready for your own at-home facial? Try the LUNA 3, UFO 2 and BEAR for yourself…your skincare routine will never be the same.

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