FOREO UFO 2 Review: I Gave Myself a Professional-Level Facial in the Comfort of My Own Home—Here’s How

To quote the queen (Queen B, as in Beyoncé, of course), “I got expensive habits.” One of those habits is eyelash lifts. Another is changing my hair color and cut every six weeks. Another? Facials. And while COVID has definitely provided an obstacle when it comes to the first two habits, spa-quality facials from the comfort of my own bathroom are still on the table thanks to the UFO 2 by Swedish beauty and wellness brand FOREO. Here’s how.

The Setup

The UFO 2 is a 90-second sonic-powered masking device packed with professional-level technology that can be used in your own home—perfect for someone like me who loves facials but who can’t be bothered with going to the spa every month. It comes with a charging cord and stand for the bathroom countertop. All I had to do was download the FOREO app, then connect the cute little silicone device via Bluetooth. The app then walks you through the setup of the device, which takes all of ten seconds. It also tells you a bit about the features you’ll soon experience: hyper-infusion technology that combines heating (thermotherapy), cooling (cryotherapy) and T-sonic pulsations, along with the Full spectrum LED Light Therapy.

The Process

Once connected to the app, the device is ready to go. Since it was evening the first time I used it, I selected a nighttime mask (more on those later...) with nourishing olive oil and rejuvenating ginseng—and appropriately named “Call It a Night.” The app walks you through the process step-by-step: Place the mask on the device, secure it with the plastic ring, and gently glide the device across your face in circular motion. Within seconds, the device heated up and warmed my face while opening my pores as I moved it around. As I went, I was instructed by a calming voice and soothing background music from the app, which told me what was happening (similar to getting a facial, but without the awkwardness of actually interacting with someone). It was so relaxing, and I felt myself taking deep breaths and following along with the “guided meditation” aspect of it.

After about a minute into the treatment, the device flashed a bright red light and the app announced that it was using red LED light therapy and T-Sonic pulsations to amplify and enhance the effectiveness of the mask—essentially “pushing” the essence deeper in my skin. After 90 seconds, the entire facial was complete. I removed the mask from the device (which was almost dry at this point—a testament to how much of the serum actually gets transferred to your face) and easily rinsed the UFO 2 off under the sink since it's completely waterproof (no messy cleanup!) before setting it back on its stand. I checked out my complexion in the mirror. My skin looked glowy and smooth, and I couldn’t wait to try it out again in the morning.

The Masks And Settings

The next morning, I used the “Make My Day” mask—a combination of hyaluronic acid and red algae to hydrate and protect from pollution, perfect for my busy day ahead. I followed the same process as the night before. There are 16 different masks to choose from, all formulated with the help of Korean Mask Experts and made with zero parabens, silicones or harmful ingredients. My favorites have been the Bulgarian Rose (the scent alone feels like the ultimate indulgence), Green Tea (which includes green tea extract and got rid of all my excess shine and oil for my endless work Zoom calls) and Youth Junkie (an intensive renewal mask infused with collagen to give skin a firmer, more lifted appearance).

The combination of heating (thermotherapy), cooling (cryotherapy), T-sonic pulsations and full spectrum LED light therapy are what help transfer the mask’s serum into your skin. Here’s where it gets real science-y: The eight different LED lights (purple, white, green, orange, blue, cyan, yellow and red) each have their own job and provide targeted photofacials. For example, blue light targets acne, while the red light allows for detoxification and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, the T-Sonic pulsations allow the high-quality ingredients to penetrate skin’s deepest layers more easily for the best results, at the tap of a button.

The Verdict

For me, a super-effective skincare routine that takes less than two minutes (as opposed to a 20-minute clay or sheet mask, or a one-to-two-hour professional facial) was time well spent, especially since I can repeat the process (and personalize it!) in the comfort of my own home whenever I feel like it. I also loved that when I removed the mask after the treatment, my skin felt buttery smooth and looked more even-toned, versus a sheet mask that leaves my face dripping with unabsorbed serum underneath pockets of air. There’s also the option of using the UFO 2 as a skincare enhancer on top of my own moisturizers, serums or other skincare to infuse the ingredients I already use deeper into the skin. The best part? A one-time purchase of the UFO 2 basically granted me a lifetime of at-home facials. So, do I consider myself a facialist? Maybe. Will I be taking appointments? Selfishly, I’m keeping this gadget all to myself.


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