40 New Nail Art Trends to Try This Fall

Raise your hand if fall is your season. And speaking of hands, let’s talk about nail art for a sec—we may be biased here, but we think it’s the ultimate autumnal accessory. This season rich color palettes meet sleek minimalist details for designs you can even master yourself at home, if you choose. Behold, 40 freshly picked options for you to wear from now through December.

The 7 Best Nail Colors to Wear This Fall

Mismatched Prints

This mani made us stop scrolling when we saw it. Look at the colors, the details, the way it all blends so harmoniously!

Soft Metallic Sweeps

Here’s an easy way to transition your tips to fall: Paint the top half of your nails a deep emerald green (or navy blue) and add a diagonal swoop of gold polish across your nail for a flourishing finish.

Pumpkin Spiced Mani

For all of our low-key ladies out there who are looking for something that’s subtly seasonal (and less-in-your-face fall), try outlining the edges of your nails in a shiny copper.

Tortoise Shell Moonies

French tips meet tortoise shell moons.

Black And White Cookie

An homage to a New York classic.

Cookies And Creme Mani

ICYMI: The gradient mani is still going strong. As the weather cools, we’re feeling a tonal palette of white, gray and black (to match every knit sweater we own).

Rose Mélange Mani

Pretty, not precious is how we’d describe this mélange of pink polish.

Lipstick Nails

Move over squoval nails and almond tips. Filed at a diagonal slant, Editorial nail artist Park Eunkyung (aka Unistella) created a nail shape that’s inspired by a fresh tube of lipstick.

Mod Maroon

Lighten up a moody red with small pops of pink.

Electric Matte Mani

We know what you’re thinking: A cobalt blue mani is nothing new. But try adding a matte topcoat over it and you’ve got yourself a new classic.

Scalloped Detail

Paint a small corner of each tip a rich terra-cotta and outline it in a thin strip of gold.

Art Deco Nails

Calling all fans of the French tip: Try it with a straight edge and two contrasting shades for a more modern spin.

Geometric Color Blocking

Perfect for dipping your fingers into fall shades.

Halloween Details

A subtle celebration of Halloween.

Nude Gradation

Inspired by the creamy milk cap and rich espresso of your morning coffee.

Nude And Black

A minimalist's dream mani.

Half Moon Rainbow

Why choose one shade when you can rock five at once?

Fall Florals

Lest you think that flowers only bloom in the spring.

Texture Contrast

Tone on tone but switch up the textures.

Navy Marbling

Add some white and gold swirls for Starry Night vibes.

Designer Dupes

For when buying the bag is out of reach.

Pumpkin Spice Splice

Straight down the middle.

Unusual Pairings

Olive green and yellow aren't the first colors we'd pair together but that's part of the magic. It's delightfully unexpected.

Mismatched Hands

Speaking of unusual pairings, here's a strong case for mismatched designs on either hand.

Colored Camouflage

Fatigued of fatigues? Expand your color palette to include cobalt and marigold and burgundy, and sure, why not add a splash of red to the mix while you're at it.

White Space

Reasons to embrace plenty of white space for your next mani: it takes less time to paint, doesn't show chips as noticeably and it grows out nicely.

Double French

Double the French, double the fun.

Sunset Waves

In a groovy 70s color palette.

Groovy Spills

Same shades as above but painted in funky shapes and splotches.

A Painted On Psa

Because November will be here before you know it.

Toffee Tones

In case you need more color combos for your next tonal mani.

Naturally Inspired

It's all in the details.

Gold Rims

Like jewelry for your nails.

Artistic Wraps

No painting necessary. All you need is a file to shape these pre-painted wraps to fit your nail beds.

Leopard Wraps

Guys, if you haven't tried nail polish stickers yet, you must. They're a game-changer for when you don't have the time (or wherewithal) to paint.

Dot And Stroke

An ideal design for beginners.

A Little Green

Tip: Use a piece of painter's tape as a guide.

Jewel Tones

Don't you feel cozier just looking at this?

Plaid Tips

Is it even fall if you don't rock a plaid print?

Rustic Bouquet

We're swooning over these rustic hand-painted florals.

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