Faace Wants to Simplify Our Skincare Routines and We’re Here for It

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I am not one for complicated routines. And by complicated, I mean I prefer to do the exact same thing every single day. No “use this product on alternate days” or “be sure to exfoliate every third day.” My skincare process consists of the same series of morning and evening steps, with an occasional treat, like a new mask thrown in on days when I really need it.

I do well with simplicity and so does my skin. This is exactly why I got excited when I learned about Faace Skincare, a U.K.-based brand that promises to streamline beauty with its straightforward branding and no-fuss products. And let me tell you, I am hooked.

You may have already seen Faace’s masks popping up on your social media feeds. The millennial-approved colorful tubes with block lettering are basically made for Instagram.

Each tube tells you exactly what it is formulated to do: Tired Faace will give you a glowing boost akin to a cup of strong coffee for your skin, Sweaty Faace will help cool and calm redness and Period Faace will help combat the annoyances of hormonal acne.

Each mask is jam-packed with organic and naturally derived ingredients that are also vegan and aren’t tested on animals. But the true beauty of Faace is that you don’t need to do any research or put extra work into figuring out which mask you need or how it will fit in with your existing skincare routine. As the website states: “Our say-what-you-see products are uncomplicated, versatile and results-driven using natural actives to provide solutions.”

While there is definitely something to be said for the abundance of skincare options available these days, founder Jasmine Wicks-Stephens wanted something that really cut through all the complicated lingo and that was obviously made to address whatever skin issue she was facing. “Rather than just focusing on the end result (i.e., more glow or hydration) I wanted an up-front solution that focused on exactly how my skin was looking, and that would sort it out,” she says.

She brings up an interesting point. Most of us go hunting for skincare products to solve a particular issue, but it’s not always clear whether or not this “glowing serum” or “brightening essence” will actually address the underlying issues. That requires more research and a better understanding of the ingredients involved (which some people love and some would rather not bother with at all).

For the past week, I’ve been testing three of the brand’s best-selling masks, Sweaty, Tired and Period, and I think I’m ready to commit to folding them into my regular routine (something I don’t do lightly). The main reason is that they’re so easy to incorporate. I’m not worried about how they’ll interact with my daily products and, even better, there’s really no wrong way to use them.

All three masks can be used in various ways: as a primer before applying makeup in the morning, as a 5-minute midday refresh or a 20-minute deep treatment at night. Each one has a delicate scent that’s just fragrant enough to feel like a treat but not so much that it overwhelms you. “Tired” is slightly citrusy, “Period” has notes of lavender and “Sweaty” is a mix of bright grapefruit and tropical herbs. Most importantly, they all deliver results as promised.

Each tube costs $35 and includes enough of the good stuff for up to 40 uses. Faace also has an ongoing partnership with Hey Girls, where they donate one pack of period products to those facing period poverty for every mask sold. Recently, they also announced the launch of a Menopause Faace mask, sales of which will benefit The Menopause Charity, an organization that supports those who need help navigating the rollercoaster ride that is menopause.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go give my skin an afternoon boost with a swipe of Tired Faace.



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