25 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Fallen into a rut with your hair lately? Same. In an effort to shake things up (without putting in too much effort), we turned to the pros for some style inspiration. Ahead, 25 easy hairstyles for long hair that don’t require a gazillion bobby pins or complicated tutorials to master.

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1. Add Fringe

A style in and of itself, bangs are a favorite of Ashley Streicher, celebrity hairstylist and R+Co collective member, because they “quickly accessorize long hair—even when it’s all up in a ponytail.”

2. Pineapple Updo

Curly hair expert Irinel de León recommends adding a few French hair pins to keep your ponytail from falling throughout the day.

3. Sleek Topknot

Tip: Mist some hairspray onto a toothbrush to slick back any frizz or baby hairs.

4. Bubble Pony

Anyone else getting Disney princess vibes? To replicate this look, all you need to do is wrap extra hair ties down the lengths of your ponytails.

5. Inverted Braid

“I love a classic braid on super long hair, but instead of braiding inward, try flipping it outward,” suggests Streicher. “This creates a more voluminous braid that you can pull apart to make even bigger. I like to use a root teasing spray to create some texture and hold while braiding.”

6. Bubble Top Knot

It’s a simple top knot from the front, but a surprise bubble pony from the sides and back.

7. Criss-cross Pins

Stack your pins on top of each other for a cool pattern and extra hold.

8. Structural Bun

We love this sleek and structured bun on Ayesha Curry and the way the gold accessories play off her earrings.

9. Padded Headband

Thick headbands are made for disguising oily roots quickly.

10. Stacked Headbands

Or take a cue from stylist Laura Polko and stack different sized bands together.

11. Teased And Textured

Tip: Using a flat iron, add a little bend to the front pieces to frame your face.

12. Bow Bun

Pull your hair into a low bun and let the ends cascade down your back. Secure with a large satin bow for added polish.

13. Double-clip

Or let the ends loose and clip them in place with two contrasting barrettes.

14. Claw Clips

ICYMI our favorite Gen-X trend is back: French twist meet claw hair clip.

15. Half Up Clip

Works on a half-up style as well—especially if you have thick hair.

16. Rope Pony

For those mornings when even a three-strand braid is too much hassle.

17. Woven Details

Talk about creative. Celebrity stylist Mara Roszak weaved wild grass (!) from her own garden to create this earthy style on Olivia Wilde.

18. Statement Pins

Hairstylist Lacy Redway took a simple pony to new heights using two crystal pins to anchor either side of the tail on Tiffany Haddish.

19. Side-swept

Side-swept hair is an easy way to dress things up and play with volume.

20. Side Barrette

Swipe left to see the bedazzled barrette clipped to one side.

21. Accessorized Fishtail

Another style upgraded by a statement headband.

22. Fountain Pony

One more throwback style that’s making a comeback: the fountain pony (which is especially flattering on curly hair).

23. Fountain Pony With Scrunchie

Same idea, but with a bright scrunchie for peak nostalgia.

24. Rainbow Ties

Proof that anything—in this case, colorful string—can be used to accessorize your hair. (This can be a fun option to try with your kids as well.)

25. Scarf Scrunchie

Bottom line: The single easiest way to switch up your style is to simply add an accessory, whether that’s a headband, barrette, pin or bow.

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